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Computer-Spiele: Sega Dreamcast

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Sega GT - Sega GT

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Daytona USA 2001 - Daytona USA 2001

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< I> Daytona U S A 2001 is taken from the hugely successful arcade game of the same name, and the chances are you^Òll already have seen this game a thousand times before as you^Òve walked past any seaside video arcade. Tracks have been taken from the original and the Sega Saturn version, and there are also new tracks that are exclusive to the Dreamcast. The range of cars that you can customise via differences in grip, acceleration, and maximum speed help you get around these great courses.
The game is broken up into single player race mode, championship mode, time trail and, of course, multiplayer. Once in the game, you get to race against 40 other cars. As you'd expect, controls are fairly simple, and although the analogue pad is a touch sensitive, you^Òll soon be power-sliding around those corners in no time. Even though a steering wheel isn^Òt necessary by any means, it elevates the entire experience to a near-godly level of arcade perfection.
Longevity-wise this game holds plenty of options: the multiple tracks can all be varied in length and direction, and the game also holds secrets, with more cars available as you play your way through the championship mode. Graphics are of the usual ilk for the Dreamcast and you^Òd be mistaken for thinking that once again you're in the arcade shoving your pound coins in the slot.
If you're looking for harmless car racing on a track without having the worries that perhaps < I> M S R's cities or < I> F355's realism present, then get on your marks, get set, G O! -< I> Jason Denwood

: Dreamcast - Chu Chu Rocket - verschweist - : Dreamcast - Chu Chu Rocket - verschweist

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Deadly Skies - Deadly Skies

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neuf sous plastique - envoye le jour meme.

Sturmwind SEGA Dreamcast - Sturmwind SEGA Dreamcast

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Independant Dreamcast Video Game16 Levels, 3 selectable difficulty levels, More than 20 large boss enemies Award Trophy System with unlockable content P A L50, P A L60, N T S C and V G A (with Adapter) compatible, Supports: Joypad, Arcade Stick ( Analog/ Digital), V M U, Rumble Pack (configurable)

Dreamcast - Controller grau Original - Dreamcast - Controller grau Original

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Der offizielle Dreamcast-Controller wurde sorgfältig darauf abgestimmt, die größtmögliche Präzision und Kontrolle zu bieten, damit Sie Ihre spielerischen Fähigkeiten voll ausschöpfen können. Mit seinen fünf an der Frontseite angebrachten Knöpfen, dem digitalen Steuerkreuz, einem Analog-Joystick und zwei Analog-Knöpfen, ist der Dreamcast-Controller so vielseitig wie die Spiele, die Sie damit spielen können. Die zwei Erweiterungs-Slots im Controller sind für die Aufnahme des Visual Memory und des Vibration Pack vorgesehen, die Ihr Spielerlebnis noch realistischer und intensiver machen.
- 2 analoge Tasten
- 4 digitale Tasten
- Perfekte, präzise Steuerung
- Extra langes Anschlußkabel
- Ergonomisch geformt

Dreamcast - Keyboard/Tastatur Original - Dreamcast - Keyboard/Tastatur Original


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Guilty Gear X [Japanische Importspiele] - Guilty Gear X [Japanische Importspiele]


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Sonic Adventure[Japanische Importspiele] - Sonic Adventure[Japanische Importspiele]


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Dune II: Kampf um den Wüstenplaneten - Dune II: Kampf um den Wüstenplaneten


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